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Tumbes Mangroves 

The Tumbes Mangrove swamps are coastal wetlands where the  fresh water of the Tumbes River meets the salted water of the ocean. The Mangroves are an ecosystem which provide shelter  and source of food for variety of plants and animals species.

Here you can enjoy the scenery of plants and animals from a private motorized boat. You can see 4 types of mangroves, the black shell and crab extraction, birdwatching and the crocodile zoo.

You'll visit 3 islands. The island of the crocodrile zoo, the birds island and the whale bone island, where you'll stop by to have lunch in one of the restaurants, if you want to, get into the calmed water of the sea and have a good time.

This is a nice tour for all type of ages.

Cost: $ 100 US dollars.

From 1 to 4 persons

Price includes:

-Private transfer to the Mangroves and return to the Hotel.

Car with A/C. English speaking driver and guide.

-Entrance fee.

-Motorized boat ride through the Mangroves

-Visit to the Crocodrile Zoo with guide (includes entrance)

-Visit to the Birds Island

- Visit to the Whale Bone Island. Here you can stop by to have lunch with a quite nice view.

-Bilingual guide.

*Food and drinks not included.

Hervideros (medicinal mud baths)


Hervideros is the natural Spa from Zorritos. You get there crossing through a path in a beautiful dry forest full of carob trees.

This baths have mineral components in mud form with medicinal properties that benefits the body. There are different baths with different properties for specific treatments.

You'll definitely have a nice and fun moment enjoying this complete and rejuvenating beauty treatment for your entire body. 

Ideal for all types of ages.

Cost: $30

Includes: Transfer hotel - hervideros - hotel

From 1 to 4 persons



The tube (hot water geyser)


The Tube is the Zorrito's natural jacuzzi. I'ts a night tour because the water is very hot. To get there you cross a bushy dry forest full of carob trees. And if you are lucky you'll see wild little foxes in their habitat. Once you get to the tube you can get into a pool of the geyser water.

The Tube originally was made to extract petroleum, but fortunately for nature lovers, there was no petroleum at all, but a geyser with hot water with mineral properties was found. This is a quiet and ideal place for rest and relax with family and friends.

Price: $30 US dollars

Includes: Private transfer with return to the hotel

From 1 to 4 persons




Transfers with bilingual driver and guide


- Private transfer to the airport : $20 US dollars

- Private transfer to Tumbes :  $15 US dollars

- Private transfer to beaches: Ask for costs

- Private transfer to Máncora : $40 US dollars

- Private transfer to Máncora with return to the Hotel: $60 US dollars

- Private transfer to Vichayito or Órganos : $45 US dollars

- Private transfer to Vichayito or Órganos with return to the Hotel:        $65 US dollars


When the northern swell arrives to Zorritos,  it is the best season to go surfing. The rest of the year you can surf nice small waves with no people around at the sea. This is better if you are a beginner or want to learn how to surf. The sea temperature is quite warm, so you won't need a wetsuit. You can also surf until almost  night time or really early in the morning.

When there are no waves in Zorritos, we can go a few kilometers away to a beach which always has a good waves.

If you want to learn how to surf, you can have a lesson or 2 with us! We give lessons and all the necessary gear to learn how  to surf securely.

Cost: $20 USD Dollars

Includes: Transfer to the beach, lesson, gear, surfboard and return to the hotel.


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